Sod mongol group 2017-03-16

The employees of “Sod Mongol” GroupУ LLC which has contributed continuously and highly to the development of the economics of our motherland for over 20 years farewell 2016 with great success and high construction achievement. 

We have opened new subsidiaries and branches in Orkhon, Darkhan, Dornogovi, Selenge and Umnugovi Porvinces and over 10 daughter companies of “Sod Mongol Group” LLC operate successfully with the power of their 1500 employees. 

The selection of “Sod Mongol Group” LLC as one of the best 20 group companies of Mongolia in 2016 is the bright expression of our labour, highly by our homeland and the people. 

Even during the economical crisis, our Company has been listed one of the best taxpayers in Mongolia and “Sod Mongol Group” LLC has been selected in the companies’ effect indicator for the contribution to Mongolian state budget and economical growth, last seven years, consecutively. For example, our Company listed eighth place last year. Currently, “Sod Mongol Group” LLC, the biggest capacity company in Mongolia supplies 15% of oil of Mongolian fuel product demand and it pays over 10 billion turics tax to the state budget, solely. “Sod Mongol Group” LLC has been selected as one of “Top 100 Entities” selected by Mongolian government and Mongolian National Chamber of Trade and Industry, jointly last 15 years, regularly.

“New Tour Safaris” LLC, the affiliate of “Sod Mongol Group” LLC and the initiator of its’ sector has introduced IMAX technology, the wonder of modern global technology to the homeland, successfully and made biggest intellectual investment for young generation of our country. IMAX, the best global brand that can show a piece of dust on the table and can listen every sound note of a song have met to our people and we are glad for that the technology was selected as “BEST BRANDING OF THE CAPITAL CITY” in 2016.

For coming 2017, we welcome this year to become as the year to continue our success to contribute to the development of our homeland, highly, regarding the service quality and our customers as superior. Our employees hope that coming 2017 will be the year when we can complete our purpose and goal and the year to improve our success and creations. 

Wish health and all the best to all Mongolians and the customers of “Sod Mongol Group” LLC who live in every corner of Mongolia and blossom well-being, full of success, wealth of creation. Happy New Year.