The 1st Asia-Pacific Center for Traditional Medicine in Mongolia

Sod mongol group 2017-11-13

In scope of an important mission to promote Mongolian Traditional Medicine and to achieve global awareness, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Mon Analytic LLC and Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences (MNUMS).  

Hence, the first large-scale project has started thanks to partnership of Government of Mongolia and private sector.

Tserendagwa Ts. (Director of the International School of Mongolian National Medicine, MNUMS):

"Universities in developed countries are built as a campus, which allows students to concentrate on their studies and don’t get distracted by other social issues. Our center is projected to be a campus and will provide students all necessary conditions for life and work, at the same time it will also meet the needs of students, such as library, cinema, soccer field and swimming pool. The government supported the project, as its goal is to become one of the top 100 universities in south part of Asia-Pacific. "

Byambajav N. (General Director of Mon Analytic LLC):

"After the implementation of this project in 2020, 400-500 students will be graduated annually and there will be an opportunity to supply laboratory packed medicines in accordance with the Medical Plant Standard.