“Sod Mongol Group” was selected as “Best Taxpayer Entity” of Mongolia 7th time.

Sod mongol group 2017-03-16

We are glad for the regular organization of the selection ceremony “Best 100 Taxpayer Entities” by the National Taxation Office of Mongolia within the tax laws and regulation of Mongolia and the selection of this time considered the criteria for the entities as fulfillment of tax commission responsibilities, contribution to the national and local budget constitution, and the sustainable and regular operation of such entities. 

 “Sod Mongol Group” LLC has been selected from the selection ceremony “Best 100 Taxpayer Entities” organized by General Authority of Customs and Tax last 7 years and it has been listed as 8th place winner in the Top 100 Taxpayer Entities in 2015 and it is the highly valued indicator for our contribution to the budget constitution of Mongolia and Mongolian economics and it proves the Company as one of the largest taxpayer companies in Mongolia.   

“Sod Mongol Group” LLC was established in 1999 and it has been expanded one of the largest Mongolian group company that has over 10 daughter companies engage activities in the field of oil product import, sale, movie entertainment, agriculture, construction and tourism and its’ operation range improves annually. 

Also “New Tour Safaris” LLC, the affiliate of “Sod Mongol Group” LLC and the founder of cinema chain of “Urguu” was listed in 13th place in 2015 “100 Best Taxpayer Company” and it is the best example of how the group company highly contributes to the state budget and how the Company expands its’ operation in business. The Company works to put “Urguu IMAX” cinema that has “IMAX” technology, the big brand of the global cinema art into the operation through the cinema chain in June this year. 

“Sod Mongol Group” LLC has been selected as one of “Top 100 Entities” selected by Mongolian government and Mongolian National Chamber of Trade and Industry, jointly last 15 years, regularly  and was selected in 22nd place in 2015 “Топ-100 Entities List” and as well “Alhana Trade” LLC, the daughter company of the Group Company that operates  in the field of oil facilities and tank construction, installation and automation  and building of oil station was selected as 64th list of “Top 100 Entities” in Mongolia.