“Sod Mongol Group” LLC was listed in топ-100 entities".

TOP-100 Entrepreneurship Cup ceremony was held by the joint organization of Mongolian National Chamber of Trade and Industry /MNCTI/ and government of Mongolia in “Urgoo” Complex in the Government Palace yesterday and the best entities...

"Sod Mongol Group" LLC educates disabled children through the movie

The biggest national companies aware their social responsibilities and implements the projects for the social well-being. However disabled children who caused by diseases, health issues and unexpected accidents want to involve to social communicat...

Paradise Hotel

The high-end international tourism and hotel project in Bogd Khan Mountain, the capital of UB city, is the luxurious place in the capital city. The world-class complex has been set up since 1998. Internationally renowned designers, design firms an...

Asia Pacific Traditional Medical Center

In recent world where eco-friendly products are preferred, Mon-Analytic company was established to create a unified system of traditional medicine and to make an own brand competitive in Asian market, using own resources. Citizens will be able to ...
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