Urgoo 2

URGOO 2 cinema is located in downtown at the junction of University streets and it is thoughtfully designed to mysterious but warm environment for students. URGOO 2 cinema has 3 fully digital screens and 450 seats a smaller cinema oriented to modern youth’s style to spend their recreational time.
Screen and Cinema features 
Comfortable seats 
Crystal Clear Images
3-D immersive sound 
Digital projection (dci compliant) /4.5-6k lamphouse/
Advanced 3d system (RealD type)
Dolby theatre management System
Comfortable European style cinema seats
Vista (POS & cinema software) (new Zealand)
Modern arcade video games and fun centers
International brand F&B restaurant
Quality certified concession equipment (usa)

Game center


Contact us

Website: www.urgoo.mn
Phone: 976-77117711