New Tour LLC, a subsidiary of Sod Mongol Group LLC was founded in 1997 to operate in the ourism, foreign trade and entertainment industries. Now the company expanded its activities to tap into construction and real estate investment industries.

The company, now operating in its 20th year, opened tourist camps nearby natural landmarks such as Lake Khuvsgul, Elsen Tasarkhai, Khustain Nuruu and Terelj. Furthermore, the company successfully implemented major projects including Las Vegas Cabaret Theater and Hard Rock Café.  
The company launched International tourism and hotel project in 1998 in Baga Tenger Valley of Bogd Khan Mountain. Aiming to establish a luxury complex that meets global standards, our project is undertaking its key phases. The project employs well-known international designer, architectural firm and consultant engineers. The total investment to the project: USD 500 million.