Merge Van LLC, a Mongolian-Russian joint venture has been operating in Buyant Ukhaa to manage a fuel station, which is fully compliant with international flight safety requirements and equipped with eco-friendly and state-of-the-art technologies.
Sod Mongol Group LLC and RN-Aero Ltd established Merge Van LLC in May 2009. The priority of Merga Van LLC is to supply quality products that fully accommodates legislations, requirements and norms applicable in the civil aviation industry, which serves as the backbone if flight safety of aircrafts.
The major components of jet fuel supply operation are sufficient storage facilities, new technologies, modern equipment and facilities and skilled employees. We are proud to offer all those components as a whole to ensure our reliable services.
The jet fuel receipt and injection pipes are equipped with filters and separators from world renowned FACET Company and meets API/EI 1581, class S specification requirements.  


  • Fuel storage
  • Fuel injection
  • Quality control


To supply jet fuel under highest quality standards and reliable injection processes.