Sod Mongol Group LLC


Sod Mongol Group LLC was founded in 1999 to engage in sales of petroleum products, our main line of business. Since then, the company has become one of the major conglomerates in the country with activities in various sectors including commerce, construction of petroleum products, entertainment, tourism, roads, agriculture, information technology, mining and design.

Through our partnership with leading Russian entities in the oil industry such as Rosneft, Gazprom, TNK-VP,  and Ural Oil, we import quality products such as gasoline (A-80, Ai-92, Ai-95, super Ai-98), jet fuel (TC-1), diesel fuel (winter and summer), fuel oil (Mazut M 100) and bitumen (BHD 90/130) to supply to the domestic market. As a result, Sod Mongol Group LLC has become one of the three major entities in the petroleum products business with 15% of the domestic market share.
Our company has an extensive network of over 60 gas stations along with four storage and supply facilities in Ulaanbaatar and major economic hubs such as Darkhan-Uul, Erdenet, Umnugovi, Dornogovi and Selenge provinces. 80% of our skilled staff hold college degrees.

  • VISION- To become the best choice for each consumer by respecting the earth and the healthy Mongolian and improving the management capacity.
  • MISSION- To keep pace with the world development while creating future prosperity
  • VALUES- Enthusiastic and competent personnel who work for the common goal of future prosperity of the country as a team
  • MOTTO-Together toward the better future